ConQuest File Menu Options

Depending on what searches you conducted and what filters or contraints were added, the File menu may have some options greyed out.

New Window

This opens a new blank window.

Open Search...

Opens a previously saved search. A window should open allowing you to choose a *.cqs file that has been saved on your user disk space.

Save Search and Save Search as...

Allows you to save a search, as a *.hqs file, in your user disk space.

Write PDF file to view/print...

Search results (diagrams, literature references, etc.) can be written out as .pdf files, which may then be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (freely available from Acroread on UNIX has a -toPostscript option which converts PDF to Postscript and could be used to save postscript.

Use the buttons in the Write PDF File dialogue box to control the contents of the PDF file, e.g. number of entries per page, which items (diagram, journal reference, etc.) are to be included, whether information is to be written for the structure currently on display or for all unsuppressed structures in the hit list.
For example, the setting below will result in only the diagrams and literature references being written out for all unsuppressed structures in the hit list, 4 per page, in US Letter format, including parameter information but with no summary page. The file will be called example.pdf.

Write PDF file

Read Queries...

In Build Queries mode, previously saved queries can be opened. A window should open allowing you to choose a *.qry file.

Save Queries

In Build Queries mode, allows you save a query, as a *.qry file , in your user disk space. Clicking on the Save Queries tab produces a menu that allows you to save All Queries or a Selected Query.

Export Entries as...

In View Results mode, Export Entries as allows you to save either the currently selected entry or all selected entries in a number of different molecular file formats.

Clicking on the CIF:Crystallographic Information File tab allows a further choice of export file types:-

The File Popup button brings up a Save window similar to the Save Quries window.

View Entries in Mercury

Mercury is an advanced crystal structure visualiser distributed as part of the CSD system for viewing, crystal structures retrieved from a ConQuest search. A typical window is shown below:-

Mercury Window

Export Parameters and Data...

Data fields and 3D parameters for hit structures can be saved to a file for later analysis, such as in VISTA or a spreadsheet.

Select data fields and parameters of interest that you wish to export and hit Save.

Export Parameters

Select the File type you wish to save:

View in Vista

Data fields and 3D parameters for hit structures can be viewed directly from within VISTA.

Select data fields and parameters of interest and hit View in Vista. A new VISTA window should open with all the required data in.


Only available when two or more windows are open (see New Window). Closes the present window.


Exits the whole session.

If search queries have not been saved, a window appears allowing you to save these queries before finally exiting ConQuest.

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