The Chemisches Zentralblatt Database

Chemisches Zentralblatt is the first and oldest abstracted journal published in the field of chemistry. It covers the chemical literature from 1830 to 1969. The entire content (about 900,000 pages) has now been digitised by FIZ Chemie Berlin and abstracted by InfoChem, giving about 1 million unique chemical names and 500,000 unique structures.

Chemisches Zentralblatt and the Chemical Database Service

The Chemical Database Service has made arrangements to make the Chemisches Zentralblatt database available to its user community for a trial period.

All registered CDS users can now access Chemisches Zentralblatt by clicking on the Access Data menu at the left of the top pulldown menu on all CDS web pages. This will take you to the InfoChem GmbH site who run this database.

The Database

The data can be searched by structure / substructure (using ICEdit), MW, Formula, InChIKey and reference data. The results include the InChIKey and several calculated values such as H-Bond acceptors and donors, rotatable bonds and LogP plus a PDF of the original page in the journal where the molecule was reported. Links are also available to search external molecule repositories.

Enter the database
by clicking on



Opening Screen

Search Field

        Searches (under Search Field)
can be conducted for
document-specific data:


After choosing your Search Field, the Operator field (and search term box) will change accordingly:

Structure Name
Formula Molecular Weight
For more information on structure searches, click on the link above.

More than one search can be conducted at the same time by clicking on Add Row button

Choose one of the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, IGNORE)

Click the Submit Search button button to start the search.


At first you are shown the Overview Screen.

Click on either Documents or Molecules


When you click om Documents the screen below appears:-

The hit molecule(s) is highlighted in blue. Hits can be sorted on Volume/page or Publication Year. Only 5 molecules are shown (see Settings to change this) but links to show matching molecules (i.e. just the hits) and show all molecules in that publication are available.

Clicking on any molecule will bring up a new window showing Name and Synonyms, Properties and links to external web sites (PubChem , ChemSpider , Google and eMolecules ).

When you click om Molecules the screen below appears:-

Hits can be sorted on Molecular Weight, Name or Formula.

All results have a link to the full publication which can be viewed as a PDF.


The History tab shows you all your searches. The original search can be reloaded (not the results unless you search again).


The settings can be altered for your session:

Substructure highlighting can be turned on or off and Results per Page, Max. History Entries and Max. number of first structures per document can be chosen to be either 5, 10, 15 or 20. At present, only ICEdit is available as the structure editor.


Extensive help is available within the web page by clicking on the Help tab: