Accord Database Explorer

Accord Database Explorer (ADE) is a simple yet powerful Windows desktop application that enables you to work with Accord chemistry databases.

Using Accord Database Explorer you can:

Accord Database Explorer features:

Getting Started

To start Accord Database Explorer:

From the Windows Start menu, select Programs | Accelrys Accord Database Explorer 3.0 | Accord Database Explorer.
[or locate ]

The Accord Database Explorer splash screen
is displayed.
  A Database Login box will also be displayed
  prompting you to enter your database login id
  and password.
  [Note: the username and password
  is your CDS ID and Password]

  Click OK.

A database selector window appears.

In the Select column, select one or more databases, then click the OK button.

The databases available are:

The Hitset Manager window opens (may show results from previous searches).

The Hitset Manager is the main focus of Accord Database Explorer. It displays all hitsets that are currently loaded into the application and provides a forum for hitset viewing and modification

More information on the Hitset Manager manager can be found here

Searching the Databases

There are two main ways of searching:

Viewing the Results

The databases automatically display the results in the Default Form for that database as soon as a search is finished. See the pages on each database for details.

Form View

From the Hitset manager, highlighting a previous hitset then clicking the   Browse Hitsets using Form View icon will open up the appropriate default form.

Grid View

The Grid Browser enables you to view the data from a hitset in a grid.
Click on the   Browse using Grid Browser icon.
You can control how the hitset is displayed in the grid by selecting which columns of data should be displayed:

The selected columns can be saved then viewed by clicking OK.

To resize grid columns and rows:
Move the mouse pointer to the edge of a column header cell and then click and drag to adjust the column width.
Similarly, to adjust row height, move the mouse pointer to the edge of a row header cell and then click and drag to adjust the row height within the Grid Browser.


From the Tools menu you can choose a number of ways to design your own forms for viewing result and exporting them.

The Forms Manager displays the available forms that can be employed to browse, query and edit.
Choosing a form then clicking the Open... button opens a Form Designer

The Report Manager allows you to Edit.. and design report outputs.


Further help can be found by clicking on the ADE.chm file located in your Accord Database Explorer 3.0 directory.