Building Blocks Chemicals

These compounds are not 'off-the-shelf' compounds but some stock compounds may be availble within 10-12 days. It usually take around 3-6 weeks for delivery and some may take up to 3 months.

A number of Suppliers Catalogues are available to search. They include:

The different suppliers are searchable all together (the default) or individualy (choose Table from the menu).

Currently, there are over 1,158,000 entries in the combined databases which includes the UORSY Golden Set of over 1,030,000 compounds.
The Full UORSY database of almost 4 Million compounds can be searched separately.

Amounts available are usually between 250mg to 50g and prices can be in £ Sterling, Euros or US Dollars.

Access is via a web browser interface after logging on. A link to this can be found when you click on the Access Data at the left of the top pulldown menu on all CDS webpages.

All databases are searchable by:

Results Form

Results are shown 10 compounds per page and show quantity and prices (in pound Sterling or Euros) which should be up-to-date. There is a link for more information about the Suppliers contact details