Available Chemicals

A database containing the latest amounts and prices from Supplier Catalogues

A number of Suppliers Catalogues are available to search. They include:

The different suppliers are searchable all together (the default) or individualy (choose Table from the menu).

Currently, there are over 400,000 entries in the combined databases.

Access is via a web browser interface after logging on. A link to this can be found when you click on the Access Data at the left of the top pulldown menu on all CDS webpages.

All databases are searchable by:

Query Form

Results Form
Results are shown 10 compounds per page and show quantity and prices (in pound Sterling - except for some which are in Euros or USD) which should be up-to-date. All Sigma-Aldrich and Acros/Maybridge/Fisher hits have a link to their web page for ordering and there is a link for more information about the Suppliers contact details

If you make use of this database and would like to reference ChemAxon software in a publication, please cite the software with basic information like:
"CDS uses JChem software for searching and displaying chemical structures, physical data and prices.
JChem version:3.2.11, 2007, ChemAxon (http://www.chemaxon.com)"