CDS DiscoveryGate Trial

This trial has now finished.

You can still try out DiscoveryGate for 30 days by filling out the form here

DiscoveryGate is a Web-based application that integrates, indexes, and links scientific information. It provides scientists immediate access to compounds and related data, reactions, original journal articles and patents from a Web browser on their desktop.

DiscoveryGate - Getting started

The Symyx set of databases will be available to UK academics for a trial period of 4 months.
To try out the Symyx databases via DiscoveryGate, you should first register your interest by informing CDS who will then send you an e-mail with login credentials.

  1. Logon to DiscoveryGate via
  2. Enter the login credentials contained in the e-mail
  3. The first time you do this you will be asked to create a new password
  4. If you are taken to a "Download Software" screen, click the "Click here" link to save the installer file to your computer and then go to step 7.
  5. If you are not taken to a "Download Software" screen, select the link "Click to install Software", which is located on the "Username's Settings" Tab and then go to step 6.

  6. Alternatively, click on the tab in the center of the screen at the top.

  7. Click the Download button to download the DiscoveryGate installer.
  8. Save the installer file (to your Desktop).
  9. When the download is complete, click on the link to close the download center.
  10. Close all Internet Explorer windows and any iexplore.exe processes.
  11. Run the installer. It will install the DiscoveryGate jar files, including the most recent version of MDL® Draw.

DiscoveryGate requires that Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5.0_12 or later be set as the active JRE at your site. Symyx supports version 1.5.0_12 or higher.
The current DiscoveryGate installer determines whether JRE is installed on the client computer:

Installing DiscoveryGate - Macintosh users. No software installation is required for Macintosh users.

You are now ready to explore DiscoveryGate. The "Quick Start Guide" available on the DiscoveryGate homepage introduces users to some of the commonly used features of DiscoveryGate.