DETHERM: Thermophysical Properties Database System

The Detherm system provides access to one of the world's largest collections of thermophysical property data for both pure compounds and compound mixtures. For instance, in the field of vapour-liquid-equilibrium data, it contains more than 95% of data published worldwide.

The Chemical Database Service supports user access to the system by both the Detherm standard client/server and web browser interfaces.

Scope of the Database

Identification of Substance Thermodynamic Properties
Multicomponent System Properties Electric Properties
Property Relation Information Surface Properties
Electrochemical Properties Transport Properties
State-of-System Information Data Type Information
Bibliographic Information  

Database Production

The Detherm database and associated software is maintained by DECHEMA e.V. (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology) based in Frankfurt. Data is compiled in cooperation with the FIZ CHEMIE in Berlin and the DDBST GmbH, Oldenburg.

Detherm is in reality a collection of discrete property-orientated data files. Each package is compiled and maintained by external experts. This guarantees quality control and rigour in checking the quality of the data. More information on the various components data files is provided in a separate Summary Table.

Properties and Data Abstracted

Phase Equilibrium Data
(e.g. Vapour-Liquid Equilibria, Liquid-Liquid Equilibria, Solid-Liquid Equilibria, Activity Coefficients at Infinite Dilution, Gas Solubilities, Vapour Pressures)
Transport Properties
(e.g. Viscosities, Thermal Conductivities, Diffusion Coefficients)
Excess Properties
(e.g. Excess Enthalpies, Excess Heat Capacities)
(e.g. Densities, Compressibility, Critical Data)
Caloric Properties
(e.g. Specific Heat Capacity, Enthalpy, Entropy)
Electrolyte Data
(e.g. Conductivities, Transference Numbers)
Interfacial Properties
(e.g. Surface Tension)
Azeotropic Data


Identification of Substance
(Systematical Name, Synonym, Formula, CAS-No.)
Bibliographic Information
(Author, Journal, Volume, Year, Page, Coden, Abstract)

Sources of Information

Journals Conference contributions
Handbooks Manufacturers' data
Dissertations Reports

Accessing the Data

Registered CDS users can access the database either using the client/service or web browser interfaces. The client is currently PC specific. To download simply follow the links from the "Download" item on the top Pulldown Menu on all CDS web pages.

You can access the web browser interface by first logging on then using the Access Data menu on the top pulldown menu on all CDS web pages.

Training Material

Both Detherm interfaces are intuitive to use, and new users can readily search for and download the all required data with minimal training. The graphical display facilities allow display of aggregated data from all the available data sources.

A good way to get an overview of the system is to see items from our Flash movies collection showing examples of Detherm in use. These illustrate both the client/server and web browser access modes. The illustrate how to login, search for properties, display results and plot retrieved data points.

A poster giving brief of the Detherm service provided by the CDS in the form of a PDF document is available to download from this site. Feel free to print and display this publically. Go to the DECHEMA site for additional technical details on the Detherm system.