The CDS Powerpoint Presentation and Handout Material

The CDS has produced a Handout Flyer and a Powerpoint Presentation which summarise the main databases and other features of the Service. These are available to view and download.
CDS Flyer
CDS Powerpoint
I-Lab A4 Poster
Detherm Poster

The above material includes summary details of all major Service components.

For instance, it outlines the wide range of crystallographic structural data available. Spectroscopic components currently available via the SpecInfo system aid the chemist in structural elucidation and spectral interpretation problems. There is also material describing the DETHERM (thermophysical properties) database system.
The I-Lab poster is two A4 pages while the Detherm poster is just one A4 page.

The Powerpoint demonstration includes live links to the relevant pages on the CDS web site giving further information on the main features. In this context there are also links to Flash Movies illustrating use of the major database packages.

Feel free to make copies of the Powerpoint and related material to pass on to colleagues.

Note that there is a separate archive including the full range of online Flash Movies available on the CDS web site. There is also a webpage with introductory and overview details of the Service:
CDS Flash Movies
Service Introduction Webpage