Accessing CDS through Institutional IDs (Shibboleth)

For all web based databases you are now able to access the CDS databases either by using your CDS ID or by authentication via your Institute ID (Shibboleth ID).

To log in using your Institute ID, first go to the home page and click on the Institutional Login button.   Institutional Login button
You should be taken to a login screen.

Please choose your Institute from the drop-down list.
Note: type the first letter in the box to save scrolling.

You may also want your selection to be remembered for up to a week.

Click the Select button.

If you see an error message then check to see if your Institutional Identity Service Provider (ISP) has provided a eduPersonScopedAffiliation credential equal to one of MEMBER, FACULTY, STUDENT, STAFF or EMPLOYEE @ <something>

      Some users may see a Security Alert box - just click the Yes button to proceed.
            Enter your Institutional ID and password.
You should then receive notice of a successful login.

If this is the first time you have logged in this way then
you can map your Institutional ID to your CDS ID.

Please accept the mapping of IDs.

Unregistered users can quickly and easily register
and registered users should click the Accept button.
    For those with a CDS ID and password, fill in
  the boxes and click the Accept button.
Click the Continue button which returns you to the CDS
Home page.

You should only have to map your ID once.

The next time you log in via your Institutional ID, the Institutional login page may have a option to save you locating your Institute from the drop-down menu and you should be recognised as a returning user.

You should be returned to the CDS home page.
Use the Access Data box to access the database of choice.