From the Start menu choose Programs (then Hummingbird Connectivity VX.X) then Exceed and click on the Client Wizard option (for Version 6) or option (for version 8 onwards).

You should see a welcome screen.  
(This one is for version 6 - other versions have different logos)
Click on the Next button.

Enter the IP address of the CDS machine.
This should be entered as
The Host Type is LINUX

Click on the Next button.

If you have installed the Connectivity Security Pack, you should see a window like this.
From the drop down menu choose
Secure Shell (TCP/IP)

[If the Security Pack has not been installed then you should use PuTTY and just exceed.exe (see secureshell)]

Click on the Next button.

The first box should say XTerm

The Application: box should say
The Parameters: box should say
-display @d&;    
and you can add:-
-ls (to see CDS messages on login)
and -sb (for Scrollbars)

Click on the Next button.

Type in your CDS ID and Password
in the appropriate boxes.  
To proceed and save the session
Click on the Next button.

To test the application,
click on the Run button.

Enter a name that you want
to save the session as.  

You can create a shortcut icon
by clicking in the appropriate box.
Enter the Program Group where
you want the icon to be stored.
(by default = Exceed)

You can also get it to create
a menu item when you right click
the Exceed Program file icon i.e.:-

Click on the Next button.

The final screen confirms a file
has been created and asks if you
want to create another session.
Click on the Finish button

It is also possible to set up an X-windows session using Xstart. Click here for more details.

If clicking on the icon does not work, then contact the CDS Helpdesk for advice.