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Most or all of the features are no longer available via the CDS/DL website since provision of the EPSRC UK national Chemical Database Service has been taken over by the Royal Society of Chemistry from 1st January 2013.

Some related features may be available via the RSC/CSD portal. For details of what is currently available on the CDS/DL website and also links to the RSC/CDS portal follow the link to the CDS/DL Homepage.

The information below was produced before January 2013 and may be incorrect at the present time.

Xming X-Windows server

Xming-mesa can be downloaded here

There is also some Xming-fonts that can be downloaded.

For further information go to the Official Xming Website.


Xming is very easy to install. Full installation can be chosen with a Normal PuTTY link SSH client.

You should make sure it is associated with .xlaunch files.


Once installed, start the Xlaunch program by choosing XLaunch from Start>Programs>Xming menu or locate the directory where it was installed and double-click XLaunch.exe.

Choose Multiple windows then click the Next > button.

Unless you just want to start an X-server on your machine then start your own client application, choose Start a program then click the Next > button.

In the Start program box, add -ls after xterm then click Using PuTTY (plink.exe).

Fill in the name of the computer you want to connect to (in this case You could also enter your cds ID.
If you enter a password then later choose to save it, it will be stored in the .xlaunch file as unsecure text so it may be better for security reasons not to enter it here. Click the Next > button.

You do not need to add any additional parameters. Click the Next > button.

Click the Save configuration button and choose a name a place to put the .xlaunch file. Click the Finish button.

To launch the application, double-click the saved .xlaunch file. You should be asked to enter a password before an X-Window opens.