A. From the Start menu choose Programs then Exceed and click on the xstart icon option.

This produces a window where the settings are :-

Start Method:- Secure Shell (TCP/IP) if the Connectivity Security Pack has been installed.
If you have NOT installed the security pack then you should use PuTTY with exceed.exe. (see secureshell)

Program Type:-       X Window

Type in the following in the Login section :-
User id:   cxxx    
[where cxxx is your CDS ID]
Host:   cds.dl.ac.uk  
Password:   xxxxxxx  
[where xxxxxxx is your CDS password]
Host Type:   LINUX  
Command:   xterm -ls -sb

You can add a description if you wish, and have it create a menu item when you right click the Exceed Program file icon.

B. Save the session

From the File menu choose Save and enter a name. It will save it as a .xs file (by default in your Exceed/User subdirectory).

C. Start the session

Click on the green button or from the menu item choose Run!
This should open up an x-window and log you on to CDS, giving you a cds% prompt.

D. Set up a desktop start icon

Click on the menu item Install...
An icon should appear in a program group on your desktop.
Double clicking on this should automatically run the x-windows session on CDS without having to enter ID, password or command lines.

Different x-sessions on other machines can also be set up in a similar way.

If clicking on the icon does not work, then contact the CDS Helpdesk for advice.

It is also possible (and probably easier) to set up an X-windows session using the Client Wizard. Click here for more details.