PeakQuest Overview

PeakQuest is a combination of the CMPR/LOGIC Software by Brian Toby (ANL) and powder diffraction data from the CDS (> 133,000 patterns). This allows display, manual and auto-indexing, peak fitting and peak searching involving the pattern database.

System Requirements

Note that you need X-Windows display on your computer to use Peakquest. Mac and Linux machines normally have this by default. If you have a Windows PC you may have to install additional "X-Server" emulation software.

Xming is one such X-Server emulator and is available free of charge. For further information on Xming and other terminal emulators such as Exceed see our X-Windows webpage. To logon to the CDS server ( you have to use the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. See our SSH webpage for information on how to set things up for CDS applications.

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Running PeakQuest

Start PeakQuest by logging into the CDS server with your CDS username then type pq.

At PeakQuest start up a help window will appear. This gives important information on how to get going
Help on all options is available using the "HELP" command on the top right of the main menu or see the CMPR and LOGIC information on Brian Toby's webpages.

Please include the following citations in any publications:

The auto-indexing programs, if you use them: