CDS News - Breaking News   [updated 14 May 2017]

News items below are of immediate importance. Registered users also receive information via email (see the Broadcast Messages section under the Archives header on all CDS webpages).

You are also advised (especially when the main CDS server might be offline) to maintain contact via our Twitter feed ( - there is a link from the homepage).

See details below:

Item added 14/05/17

The replacement system now appears to be stable

The new system now appears to be stable and working correctly.

In addition problems with access via the RSC portal have been fixed. In addition the RSC portal now gives access to update CrystalWorks search and retrieval interface as the CDS/DL version.

If you have any comments or encounter problems using the new system contact

Item added 12/05/17

User registration and password changes now on the new server

User registration and password changes now now handled properly by the new server.

If you see a link to the old server ( refresh the CDS/DL homepage and try again.

Item added 11/05/17

We now link to the old server

Please note the registration and the password change process now works correctly on the new server.

Currently links are still made to the old server, but direct access to the old server will be blocked with future upgrades.

Item added 10/05/17

Problems with user registration and password changes

There are currently problems with user registration on the new server.

As a temporary work around you can still use Please note that CrystalWorks is disabled on