CDS News - Breaking News   [updated 20 Aug 2015]

News items below are of immediate importance. Registered users also receive information via email (see the Broadcast Messages section under the Archives header on all CDS webpages).

You are also advised (especially when the main CDS server might be offline) to maintain contact via our Twitter feed ( - there is a link from the homepage).
The new version of the CDS/DL homepage is now the default

See details below:

Item added 20/08/15

"Refresh" you browser to pick up the new version of the homepage

The new version of the CDS/DL homepage is now in place. Check the modification date as displayed on the footer of the homepage. If this modification date is earlier that 20th August 2015 please refresh your browser display.

If you encounter any problems relating to the CDS/DL homepage contact

Item added 18/08/15

Please check out the proposed new CDS/DL homepage

You can access this via the link:

This web page incorporates a number of new features in the pulldown menu system. Please check this out, and report any problems you may encounter to

Item added 02/08/15

There is an improved way of closing menu items

There is now an improved way of closing menu items. The "Close Menu" item at the top level has been removed and replaced the item "About this menu". This gives complete detail on how to navigate the CDS/DL top menu.

Changes have been made to the CDS/DL website

Item added 24/07/15

There have been further changes to the Homepage top menu

Changes have been made to the code which generates the Homepage top menu. These changes should, in particular, lead to improvements for CDS/DL menus on tablets and other mobile devices.

Users with a mouse will notice that you now need to specifically click to open a menu item (menu changes on "mouse over" are no longer supported). Open menu items now remain on display until you specifically select a new item or click the new "Close Menu" item at the top level.

You may need to "refresh" your web browser display to pick up the new versions if you have CDS/DL pages cached.

We believe these recent changes make use of CDS/DL menus easier for users of all device types. They will allow us to add new pulldown menu functionality for JSmol display within CrystalWorks.

Sent comments & report any problems

Please send comments and report any problems you may encounter with the new webpage setup to

Item added 21/07/15

A COD News Page has been setup

In addition to those for the Cambridge, ICSD and CrystMet databases there is now a News Page for the Crystallography Open Database. This contains items specific to the CDS/DL implementation of the COD. in the past all news items relating to COD have appeared in the CrystalWorks News Page.

The Homepage menu items have been modified

The CDS/DL Homepage top menu items have been re-organised and, for instance, now include references to the Crystallography Open Database.

Lower pages no longer include the top menu, but all of them have a link to the Homepage.