CDS News - Citing the Service   [updated 08 Feb 2008]

It is important that users acknowledge the Chemical Database Service (CDS) and cite it correctly in publications.

This is one of the Conditions of Use of the Service, and it also helps us to track patterns of Service usage and demonstrate its importance to our funding authority. Future finance and indeed the continued existence of the Service depend on demonstrating our cost effectiveness and value to the UK community.

Note it is also a stipulation of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre that users of their software via the CDS cite the appropriate references. Further details can be accessed by going to Citation Details Web Page.

Link to Citation Details Web Page
***Following Item added 05/01/08

The CDS web page on acknowledging and citing the Service has been
updated and reformatted. Further information and links have been

***Following Item added 08/12/06

The citation information for some of the Cambridge Crystallographic
Database components has been updated (see the link above). Please
remember to cite both the Chemical Database Service and the CCDC,
where relevant, in your published papers.

***Following Item added 07/10/05

The publishers have released the book "Cheminformatics Developments"
as the first volume of a new journal entitled "Cheminformatics". This
journal will be available in print and electronic format. The first
volume is already available online, and can now be accessed via links
in the header section above. A number of the articles (including the
one about the CDS) are available free of charge without subscription.

***Following Item added 03/10/05

We have added a link to the electronic version of the main CDS citation
articles. This included in the header section above. We have also
included a link to the issue of Acta Crystallographica B which
includes the main article to cite when using the Cambridge Structural
Database. This issue also includes useful review articles for a number
of the other crystallographic databases, but there is no specific
requirement to cite these.