CDS News - Detherm   [updated 31 Mar 2013]

The Detherm system provides access to a major collection of Thermophysical Properties data for both pure compounds and compound mixtures

The collection currently includes 7.53 million data sets for 160,500 systems (36,500 pure substances and 124,000 mixtures). It covers more than 500 property fields.
Detherm data & client are no longer available on the CDS/DL server

See details below:

Detherm is no longer provided by Daresbury

Following the take over of the national service CDS by the Royal Society of Chemistry Detherm is longer provided by Daresbury. Detherm data and client are no longer available on the CDS/DL server

Item added 02/11/12

Please use the 2011 client and data

The new 2011.3 client is required for use with the more recent Detherm 2011 data.

For more details see item below from 02/10/12

Item added 02/10/12

Detherm 2011 client must be used instead of the 2010 one after 1st Nov

In March this year the 2011 release of Detherm data was made available by CDS that was incompatible with the Windows client from the 2010 release.

The new client is able to access both the old and new versions of the database and must be installed before November.

To do this installation you need to have Windows administrator privileges and so IT support help may be required.

To check the client version, simply start it and the new one has "Detherm 2011.3" displayed at the top left of the application window.

The new 2011 data is accessed using the server name ""

If you need to upgrade the client, follow the instructions at

and access the data in the client using the server name "".

NB you will not need to reinstall any of the Oracle software.

From Nov the old data will no longer be available and so the old client will be obsolete. If you try to access the new data from the old client, some functions will seem to work while others will give a spurious "No Data" error message.

Item added 07/08/12

Problems with Detherm have been fixed

There were hardware problems with the Detherm server which resulted in loss of the Detherm client system on the 5th August. The web based system was not affected by these problems.

Detherm has been transferred to a new server and and now is now fully functional. The passwords have been restored where possible but some were not available or may not be the current ones in use.

If you have trouble logging into Detherm client, try resetting your password - the same one can be selected again. This should ensure that the Detherm password is completely up to date.

Item added 28/03/12

The PDF download in Detherm on the web 2011 has been fixed

Please contact us if you suspect any further problems.

Item added 26/03/12

A repaired version of Detherm on the web has been released

PDF download is not yet working but HTML is OK.

Item added 22/03/12

Detherm on the web has been regressed to v2010 due to a fault in v2011

The release disk for v2011 was faulty. This release is being repaired.
Apologies for the inconvenience

Item added 14/03/2012

There has been a Detherm upgrade

Detherm server data (for client access) and Detherm on the Web now updated to version 2011-1. There is also a new client.

Please note that to access this data update via the client/server mechanism you must download and install the new client.

You can download the latest Detherm client via the "Download" link in the top pulldown menu on any CDS webpage. You need to be logged with your CDS username to download the client. Please inform us if you encounter any problems.

The data collection includes 7.53 million data sets for 160,500 systems (36,500 pure substances and 124,000 mixtures).

Item added 11/03/2011

There has been a Detherm upgrade

Detherm server data (for client access) and Detherm on the Web now updated to version 2010-2. The new data includes 6.92 million data sets for 146,800 systems (31,600 pure substances and 115,200 mixtures)

New features available include the following :

It is now possible to export data to Excel even from the data table display and from the plot window.

Literature Search: The result of a literature search (list of literature) is now printable.
Sorting based on Private Categories
New Export modules allow to export the data tables in simple text (*.txt) and HTML (*.htm).
Smiles string displayed and structure drawn where available in hitlist

Item added 22/04/09

Detherm is subject to interruption due to upgrading web and client data to version 2008-6.
The web version has already been upgraded

If you suspect any additional problem please contact us via

Item added 12/09/08

The Client/Server interface now appears to be fully restored. However we are still investigation problems with DETHERM on the Web. There are problems in displaying and downloading some of the datasets.

Item added 10/09/08

DETHERM is currently producing unreliable results. External users should avoid using this system until further notice. This is caused by problems with the Oracle server. This affects both the Client/Server and the Web interface. We need, as a matter of urgency, to replace a disk on the Oracle server and reconfigure the system. An engineer will be on site on 11/9/08. The CrystalWeb and DETHERM systems will be subject to periods of extended unavailability on that day

Item added 18/08/08

Detherm on the web has been upgraded to version 2007

Item added 09/06/08

Updated data is now available for the Detherm client/server system and will shortly be available through the new web interface.

The new data includes nearly 6 million data sets covering 28,000 pure substances and 106,000 mixtures.

Users should also download the latest version of the Detherm client.

For details follow the download link:

Versions 2.1 and 2.2 of the client software should still work with the new data, but we advise you to upgrade to the new client when convenient. Versions 2.0 and earlier will not work with the new data and users should upgrade immediately. We intend to stop access to the old version of the database that these clients use at the end of this month.

Item added 16/05/08

DETHERM on the Web is now available on the CDS Website. Free searching and data downloads of all data sets is now available available to registered CDS users.

To access the DETHERM on the Web go to the CDS homepage

and click on Red Box at the left of the top Pulldown Menu.

The web version now includes around

4,200,000 data sets
122,000 systems 101,000 mixtures and 21,000 pure substances

Item added 01/03/07

The DETHERM update has now been installed with no apparent problems, but if you encounter any difficulties please contact

Item added 28/02/07

We have received a data update for the DETHERM system. There is a ~5% increase in the number of discrete chemical compounds with this update, and a ~7% increase in the amount of associated data.

The new data will be installed and made available to general CDS users on Thursday 1st March. This installation will begin at 10.00am and is expected to take approximately 2 hours. During this time the DETHERM system will not be accessible. In addition the system should be considered to be "at risk" until 14:00. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We have also received a slightly modifified version of the PC Client software (version 2.2) and this is now the default version available from the CDS download area.

If you have installed the Client Version 2.1 there is no particular need to upgrade your Client. If you have Version 2.0 or earlier you will need to upgrade to access the latest data.

Item added 15/06/06

We have produced some training examples which cover the fundamentals of using the Detherm system. We also include suggested solutions. These are available at the link:

Item added 15/06/06

Version 2.1 of the DETHERM client is now the only supported version. The new "Quick Start Guide" comes with the material you receive when you download the DETHERM client software, but you can also view the new guide from under the "Manuals & Training Material" heading on the CDS home page.

Item added 21/03/06

The old versions (1.3 and 1.4) of the Detherm client are now obsolete, do not access the complete database and are no longer supported by Dechema. CDS will discontinue support for these versions on 18/04/2006. After this date any users still using these versions will need to upgrade in order to continue to access the Detherm database.

In addition, version 2.0 of the client software has now been superseded (see the news item below) and no longer accesses the complete database. The CDS intends to drop support for this version at the end of May. After this date Detherm will only be accessible via the latest version of the client software (2.1).

The latest client software can be downloaded from:

The installation instructions also include details of how to upgrade from earlier versions of the client.

Item added 13/03/06

The Detherm database has been updated and now includes data on an additional 430 pure compounds and 3500 mixtures. There is also a new version (2.1) of the Detherm client software and this version is required in order to access the new data. All users are encouraged to upgrade their client software.

The Detherm Client software can be downloaded from:

Item added 02/09/05

There is a new version of the Detherm Poster. This is downloadable from:

Item added 28/02/05

The Detherm database has been updated, increasing in size by about 6%. This new data is only accessible using version 2 of the Client software, which has been the version available since 11/04. All users still using version 1.4 are encouraged to upgrade their Client.

The Detherm Client software can be downloaded from:

Item added 06/11/04

There is now an overview Flash Movie for the Version 2.0 Client:

Item added 02/11/04

New client software (version 2.0) is now available to access the Detherm database.

The data is the same as version 1.4.4, but the retrieval software has been improved and updated. Users can download the new client using the link at the bottom.

A more detailed description of the new interface was given in the recent CDS newsletter, available from:

Further details are contained in the 1/2004 edition the Newsletter produced by Dechema e.V., which is available from their website:

Version 2.0 allows export of data in IK-CAPE PPDX format. PPDX stands for "Physical Property Data Exchange". PPDX has been designed to facilitate data exchange between Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) packages produced by different software vendors. Further details are available at the link:

If you are a registered CDS user you can also inspect the "Quick Start Guide" (username & password required):

Item added 15/06/04

The Detherm database has now been updated to version 1.4.4.

This version contains some 4.9 million datasets covering 24,000 pure compounds and 106,000 mixtures.

Users should be accessing the new data automatically and do not need to make any changes to their client setup.

Item added 02/04/04

CDS is pleased to announce the return of the Detherm database of thermophysical properties as a permanent part of the Service portfolio.

The client software used for access during the trial period in 2002 will still work with the database, though we are expecting an updated client and new data (a 15% increase) in the near future.

For more details of the data see

The client software to access the database is available from

Shockwave Flash Movies including how to use various components of DETHERM are available from