CDS News - Research Highlights by CDS Users   [updated 16 Oct 2009]

The Chemical Database Service (CDS) traditionally produced an Annual Report for its funding body. The Annual Reports included Research Highlights sections, and we make all the material available publically as an online archive. Research highlights are available from 1999 to the present.

The highlights are brief articles produced by academic users covering recent projects which have benefited markedly by access to Service facilities. The idea is that the articles not only help demonstrate the value of the CDS to the UK academic community in general but also provide a showcase for the individual research workers involved. The articles have been written to be understandable by a general scientific audience.

Funding arrangements have changed and we no longer produce an Annual Report. However we propose to continue producing Highlight articles and these will be included in our regular Newsletters. Users of the Service are invited to contact us if they have work which has benefited from use of the Service and would be of general interest.

Item added 09/04/09

The following article has been added and will be available in the Autumn 2009 Newletter.
"Dioxygen Reduction Catalyzed by Dicobalt Pacman Complexes" Dr. Jason Love (Edinburgh)

Item added 09/04/09

The following article has been added and is also available in the Spring 2009 Newletter.
"Understanding the Structure and Properties of Amorphous Biomaterials"
Dr. Dave Pickup and Prof. Bob Newport (Kent)

Item added 23/01/09

We have added the following article which was in the Winter 2008 Newletter
"Investigating Crystal Structure with Solid-State NMR and First-Principles Calculation"; Jonathan Yates (St Andrews) and Chris Pickard (Oxford)

Item added 06/11/07

We have added the material from the 2007 Annual Report. This consists of the following three articles:

"The Oxidative Spirocyclisation of 2-(w-Hydroxyalkylfurans) as a Key Step in Natural Product Synthesis"; Jeremy Robertson (Oxford)

"Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity"; Jonathan Rourke (Warwick)

"Motorways and the Mineralogy of Chromium Contaminated Land"; Stephen Hillier (Macaulay Institute)

Item added 19/05/06

We have added the material from the 2006 Annual Report. This consists of the following seven articles:

"Rational Design of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers"; Kal Karim (Cranfield)

"Modelling for Coordination Complexes: Structure - Guided Force Field Design"; Rob Deeth (Warwick)

"Computer Simulations of defect and Impurities in natural Apatite Materials"; Nora de Leeuw & Jeremy Rabone (UCL & Birkbeck)

"Density measurements through Phase Transitions of di-hexadecanoyl-phosphatidylcholine"; John Jones, Leo Lue, Alberto Saiani & Gordon Tiddy (Manchester)

"New anode materials for Li-rechargeable Batteries"; Marina Koudriachova & Nicholas Harrison (Royal Institution & CCLRC)

"The synthesis of indanones related to combretastatin A-4 via microwave-assisted Nazarov cyclization of chalcones"; Nicholas Lawrence, Alan McGown & Sylvie Ducki (Florida & Salford)

"A New Class of Asymmetric Ketone Hydrogenation Catalysts"; Martin Wills (Warwick)

Item added 28/07/05

We have added the material from the 2005 Annual Report. This consists of the following five articles:

"Links between the CrystalWeb & ICSD-WWW database interfaces"; Bob McMeeking & Dave Fletcher (the Chemical Database Service) "Configurations and relative control of constrained macrocycles";

Steve Archibald (Department of Chemistry, University of Hull) "The use of polymer supported isoureas for the O-alkylation of carboxylic acids"; Bruno Linclau (Department of Chemistry, University of Southampton)

"E-MSD: an integrated data resourse for bioinformatics"; Sameer Velankar, Jawahar Swaminathan, John Tate, Kim Henrick (the European BioInformatics Institute, Hinxton)

"Thermal-motion-induced scattering from Zinc Oxide"; Steve Collins, Dave Laundy & Vladimir Dmitrienko (the Diamond Light Source Ltd, Daresbury Laboratory & Institute of Crystallography, Moscow)