CDS News - At-Risk Periods   [updated 24 Aug 2012]

In this News Section we record details of any "at risk" periods that will occur. We will also give details of preventive actions we have already taken or propose to take.

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Service at risk Tuesday 4 September between 7am and 9am [COMPLETE]

See details below:

Item added 24/08/12

Service at risk Tuesday 4 September between 7am and 9am
This is due to core network updates on the Daresbury site and includes email access.

Item added 25/11/11

Service at risk Wednesday 30th Nov due to strike action against public sector pension reforms
There are no known issues but STFC support staff may not be on site to fix any problems that may arise.

Item added 10/01/11

Between 10am and 3pm the computer room power supply is at-risk.
This is due to repair of the UPS (rescheduled from October)
We apologise for any possible problems this may cause.

Item added 12/10/10

The computer room power supply UPS will be reconfigured on Thurs 21st October between 10am and 4pm

This should not be a problem but if there is an issue, the CDS servers will reboot.
We will be monitoring the situation closely on the day.