CDS News - Service Disruptions   [updated 07 Aug 2012]

In this News Section we record details of any unexpected Service disruptions may occur. We will also give details of corrective actions we have already taken or propose to take.
Detherm for client users is now working but your CDS password may need resetting.

See details below:

Item added 07/08/12

Problems with Detherm have been fixed at 4pm

Detherm has been transferred to a new server where it will continue to run. The passwords have been restored where possible but some were not available or may not be the current ones in use.

If you have trouble logging into Detherm client, try resetting your password - the same one can be selected again. This should ensure that the Detherm password is completely up to date.

Item added 07/08/12

Detherm continues to be unavailable for those using the client

However, access via the Web has not been affected.

Problems are caused by a server disk problem that is now being addressed. Hopefully it should be running again sometime today.

Item added 06/08/12

Detherm for client users and CrystalWeb/Works failed on 5th August at 17.15

CrystalWeb/Crystalworks were restored at about 9.30am today.

Please repeat queries in CrystalWorks that may have spuriously returned 0 hits. CrystalWeb correctly generates an error message when communication with the server is not possible.

The problems with Detherm are currently being invesigated. Apologies for the disruption.

Item added 20/02/12

Oracle server rebuilt and CrystalWeb/Works now operational again

Replacement disk installed and CrystalWeb server database rebuilt from scratch.

Tests indicate that both systems are fully functional again, but please report any unexpected behaviour.

Apologies for all the inconvenience

Item added 19/02/12

Problems remain for replacement disk

Files restored ok on replacement disk but CrystalWeb database corrupt.
Repairs continuing tomorrow.

Item added 15/02/12

Important - CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks not available until further notice

Litref access also has problems. Users of ConQuest should note that the facility to access addition bibliographic information via the "LitRef" mechanism is also broken at present.

However, you can still download references. They will become available to you when the Oracle server is fully restored.

Item added 12/02/12

Replacement disk still not available

Because of the further delay in the delivery of a replacemnt disk and other logistical problems it is unlikely that the CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks systems will be mended before the weekend of 18/02/12.

Please accept our apologies for these exceptional major problems.

Item added 10/02/12

Replacement disk has not yet been delivered

CrystalWeb/Works will not be available until p.m. 11/02/12 at least - awaiting the arrival of a replacement disk.

Item added 09/02/12

A disk failure has occurred

The system was rebooted and it was possible to restore both the Detherm and Accord system.

Unfortunately there was a further disk failure and it proved impossible to make repairs. A new disk is on order.

Item added 09/02/12

CrystalWeb and CrystalWork are experiencing problems

CrystalWeb and CrustalWorks searching is currently unavailable due to disk errors on the Oracle backend server.

Detherm and Accord are also at risk of failure whilst the disk errors are being tested/repaired.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Item added 14/07/11

CrystalWeb and Detherm now ok after switching to a replacement hard disk (11am)

A hard disk on the Oracle server failed at 19.58 on Wed 13th July.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Item added 09/05/11

Expiring web certificate to be renewed on Tues 10th May at 07.45am

This should result in just a few minutes loss of the CDS web services

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Item added 27/04/11

Oracle Server Database upgrades to be applied on Sat 30th Apr

Oracle Server Database upgrades to be applied on Sat 30th Apr (postponed from Tues 26th April, moved from 1st May)

The following services should be considered at risk of disruption all day:
CrystalWeb, Detherm and Accord.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Item added 26/04/11

Available Chemicals, Screening Compounds and Building blocks unavailable Tue 26th April 11am

This is to allow the server to receive a memory upgrade

Please email us with any feedback or queries.

Item added 22/02/11

Detherm and Accord clients failed to start after reboot - fixed by 11am

Client access to Detherm and Accord only was lost today until about 11am.

These issues have now been resolved.

Apologies for the outage.

Item added 17/02/11

Oracle password expiry

Access to Crystalweb and Detherm was lost from about 3pm to 5pm today.

Default expiry is a new feature in Oracle 11g together with a couple of other password related changes.
These issues have now been resolved.

Apologies for the outage.

Item added 15/02/11

Loss of web serving problem

As part of the CrystalWeb update, the webserver was restarted but failed with an unexplained error. Web access was lost from about 2pm to 2.30pm today.

An emergency reboot was carried out to return the service to normal.

Apologies for the outage.

Item added 04/10/10

A New server for Specinfo will be substituted tomorrow 5th Oct 2010 at 11am

This should cause only slight disruption to SpecSurf Queries (and Chemgate queries from CrystalWeb)

Item added 30/09/10

Apology for brief loss of CrystalWeb, ACDLabs and CDS Available Chemicals/screening compounds at 10.50am 30th Sep 2010

This was an accident caused during computer room cable tidying

Item added 27/01/11

Item added 27/01

Oracle upgrade final phase this week :

Network reconfiguration then changeover to the updated CrystalWeb and Detherm 2.2 databases. Disruption should be minimal when this occurs.

Follow developments on Twitter or RSS - with no need to register

Disruption will be kept to a minimum. Apologies for any interruptions.

Item added 16/08/10

Oracle upgrade continues this week. Follow developments on Twitter or RSS - with no need to register

Disruption will be kept to a minimum. Apologies for any disruption.

Item added 05/07/10

There will be a server reboot on Wednesday 07/07/10 at 10am to activate system patches. This is likely to take less than half an hour.

Item added 24/05/10

CrystalWeb may experience some slight disruption on Wed 26th May at 10am during release of V19.6.

This includes data from CSD Update May10 (9533 new entries) and Southampton e-crystals (14 new entries).

Please inform us if this causes a major problem for you.

Item added 09/11/09

The hardware problems are believed fixed. CrystalWeb and Detherm are ok again.

The backend server power supply has been replaced and that is most likely to have caused the problems seen on Friday 06/11/09.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Item added 06/11/09

There is a hardware problem. Due to problems with a power supply one of the CDS servers is out of action. This means that client access to Detherm is unavailable and CrystalWeb is broken and will not return hits. DETHERM web browser access remains available, however.

It is hoped to replace the power supply and fully restore these services on Monday 9th November

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Item added 05/11/09

ICSD will be unavailable Mon 9th Nov @11am for 1 hour to install release 2009/2.

Please inform us if this is a serious problem for you.

Item added 13/07/09

Available Chemicals and Screening Compounds are now ok again [18.00].

Sorry for the interruption.

Item added 13/07/09

Available Chemicals and Screening Compounds are unavailable until further notice while a network problem is being investigated on the relevant server.

Sorry for the interruption.

Item added 22/04/09

Detherm is subject to interruption due to upgrading web and client data to version 2008-6.

The web version is being upgraded from today and client data afterwards.

Item added 16/09/08

Specinfo / Specsurf has gone down following a faulty system update of Tomcat on cds6. We are trying to repair this as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused

Item added 12/09/08

The Oracle backend server was experiencing disk problems.

A new disk has been installed.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by system downtime relating to these problems

Item added 12/09/08

The system has now been restored. CrystalWeb and the DETHERM Client/Server appear to be functioning correctly.

However, we are still investigating apparent problems with DETHERM on the Web

Item added 11/09/08

The problem disk has now been replaced. However, all systems requiring the Oracle Server will not operate correctly until the system is reconfigured.

Item added 10/09/08

CrystalWeb currently appears to be working correctly, but the DETHERM system is partially broken.

We need, as a matter of urgency, to replace a disk on the Oracle server and reconfigure the system. An engineer will be on site on 11/9/08. The CrystalWeb and DETHERM systems will be subject to periods of extended unavailability on that day

Item added 9/09/08

The Oracle backend server is currently broken.

This affects both the CrystalWeb and DETHERM (both Client/Server and Web interfaces). produce zero hits. We are investigating the problem as a matter of urgency.

Item added 01/09/08

ACD/Labs I-LAB regressed to v8 server. Retrying v11 upgrade on Tue 2/9/08, after 1pm.

Item added 28/08/08

ACD/Labs I-LAB will be unavailable on 29/8 so we can upgrade to v11. This should solve some known problems with access from some sites and HNMR prediction.

Item added 28/08/08

ACD/Labs I-LAB unavailable from 29/8 due to upgrade to v11

Item added 18/08/08

Detherm on the web has been upgraded to version 2007

Item added 12/08/08

Detherm on the web will be at risk from 11/08/2008 for upgrade to version 2007.

Item added 11/08/08

Detherm on the web will be unavailable from 12/08/2008 for upgrade to version 2007.