CDS News - The CDS/DL Twitter feed   [updated 07 May 2017]

The CDS/DL has a presence on Twitter with the name - @cds_daresbury

Check out the link near the head of the CDS/DL homepage.
Alternatively access @cds_daresbury directly via

The aim of the Twitter feed is to provide useful information about the CDS at Daresbury - especially CrystalWorks and related topics.

Twitter can also provide useful new information during times when the CDS/DL is off line. This may be when we are making or plan to make server modifications and upgrades.
You are accessing this page on the new CDS/DL server

See details below:.

Item added 07/05/17

The CDS/DL system will swap servers shortly

We plan to transfer to new upgraded server hardware shortly. It is likely that external access to servers will not be possible at certains times during this process.

Keep abreast with the situation via our Twitter feed

Item added 20/07/09

The CDS at Daresbury Twitter feed is now available

The CDS/DL now has a Twitter name - @cds_daresbury