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Sent 09 Jan 2007

Enhanced Display for ICSD-WWW and Problem for Deuterium Structures

CrystalWeb Display from ICSD-WWW

CrystalWeb structure display facilities are now available from within
our implementation of ICSD for the Web. Thus it is possible to
generate hits using ICSD-WWW search facilities and then create
CrystalWeb displays. To do this use the "Cweb" buttons which have been
added to the main ICSD-WWW menu and the "Details" sub-window

Problems with Deuterium Structures in CrystalWeb

Please note that we recently identified a problem for structure
display for certain entries which included deuterium atoms. These
atoms were omitted from certain entries in the ICSD, CrystMet and the
Cambridge Structural Databases databases. There were also problems
when using the "Download Structure" option (for ICSD and CrystMet).

These problems are now fixed. 

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