CDS email message - CDS/01/04/08/a

Sent 31 Mar 2008

CDS beyond 1st April 2008 and resumption of ACD/I-Lab service

As you may be aware the EPSRC has awarded the CDS group at Daresbury a
contract for chemical database provision to the UK community beyond
1st April 2008. This replaces the previous long lasting grant funding
arrangements, which terminated on the 31st March.

For further details follow the link:

Current registered CDS users should see few immediate changes.
Elibility and conditions of use of the Service have not been altered.
We do expect to make future changes in Service operations, and will
broadcast details of any of these which will directly affect our user

There is, however, one major change which we have been able to
introduce from day one. We are pleased to announce the resumption of
an ACD/I-Labs service. A previous trial service for the I-Lab system
was held during summer 2006. 

ACD/Labs Interactive Laboratory is an internet-based service that
allows you to get instant access to spectroscopy information, compound
name generation and property prediction programs. 
For further details see the current I-Labs News file:

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