CDS email message - CDS/08/07/08/a

Sent 08 Jul 2008

CDS System Downtime

CDS Scheduled System Downtime on 09/07/08

The main server requires a quick reboot for routine
software maintenance on Wed 9th July at 10 am.

The reboot will take only a short time. However those directly logged
onto the CDS server will be disconnected, and the results of any
active searches are likely to be lost. You are advised to avoid such
activity immediately before the reboot.

Those accessing the Service using the web facilities are less likely to
experience problems.

Apologies for the short noticed given and any inconvenience caused.
Contact if you are likely to experience major disruption.

Please note that in future the Service should be considered to be "at
risk" at this time on a Wednesday. However we are unlikely to need to
take the system down on most occasions. We will post details of
planned reboots on the CDS homepage or you can access the link:

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