CDS email message - CDS/10/09/08/a

Sent 10 Sep 2008

CDS Server Problems Update

CDS Oracle Server Problems

The CDS Oracle server is experiencing hardware problems, and
associated services are subject non-availability.

The following systems are affected:

     DETHERM (both Client/Server and Web interfaces)
CrystalWeb had to be withdrawn for a period yesterday, but is
currently (10/9/08) available.

DETHERM is currently producing unreliable results. External users
should avoid using this system until further notice.

We need, as a matter of urgency, to replace a disk on the Oracle
server and reconfigure the system. An engineer will be on site on
11/9/08. The CrystalWeb and DETHERM systems will be subject to periods
of extended unavailability on that day.

Hopefully only DETHERM and CrystalWeb will be affected by this work.

Further news will be posted on the CDS homepage as details become
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