CDS email message - CDS/22/10/08

Sent 22 Oct 2008

ACD/Labs - I-Lab Important Information and Flyer

An A4 Poster/Flyer has been produced in conjunction with Advanced
Chemical Development (ACD/Lab). It illustrates the features available
in the ACD/Labs (I-Lab) system. I-Lab is available free of charge to
all CDS users.

This and other presentation information is available at the link:

Feel free to download the I-Lab and any other material. We would also
appreciate it if you passed material on to colleagues and possibly
displayed it within your departments.

Further details on the ACD/Labs systems are available via the link:

The I-Lab system has already proved very valuable to a large section
of the CDS community. However, a number of users have recently
encountered problems whilst using the ChemSketch client software to
access the I-Lab system within our setup.

If you have already downloaded ChemSketch you may need to install an
additional patch file for the ChemSketch client software to work
correctly at all times. Without the patch ChemSketch may work
intermittently, but you will need the patch to make it work reliably.

You should return to the Download area

to pick up the patch. We have recently amended the installation
instructions and this, hopefully, makes the situation a little
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