CDS email message - CDS/23/10/08/a

Sent 23 Oct 2008

CDS System Downtime

CDS unavailability on the weekend starting 24/10/08

Major site electrical work is required. Work to replace the main
intake 11kV distribution switchgear serving Daresbury Laboratory will
take place on the above weekend.

This will cause a complete loss of electrical power to the main CDS
servers for an extended period.

In the light of decisions to retime switching off other major
Daresbury site facilities we now need to bring the planned CDS
shutdown forward to 14:00 on Friday 24/10/08.

Apologies for any extra inconvenience this will cause.

We plan to have the Service fully restored by 10.00 on the following
Monday morning.

See the CDS Homepage for links to any updated information.
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