CDS email message - CDS/12/11/08/a

Sent 12 Nov 2008

Withdrawal of rexec command for terminal logins

From 19th Nov, terminal logins into the CDS Service must use
encryption software (SSH level2) e.g. the PUTTY program

In order to improve system security, we will withdraw support for the
rexec command. The rexec protocol transmits plain text passwords over
the network. Those users in particular who use Hummingbird Exceed
should check that they have not configured their system to use the
rexec option. 

We recommend Putty, with X-windows tunneling enabled, for encryption of 
all traffic with e.g. ConQuest. 

It can be downloaded free from Putty site

For details on how to set up Putty for CDS use, see

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you encounter
problems contact the helpdesk. Phone 01925 603162 or email
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