CDS email message - CDS/15/12/2008a

Sent 15 Dec 2008

IsoStar Client 2.1

A new version of the IsoStar non-bonded interactions Knowledge Base 
(Version 2.1) has been released with the latest full release for the 
Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). 
Scatterplot data has been updated and now includes 22,161 scatterplots
from CSD 5.30, 7,459 scatterplots from the PDB and 1,550 potential
energy minima.

For details of IsoStar follow the link:

There is now a Mac client which we have made available for downloading.
We have also updated the download and installation instructions for 
this, the PC Client and the Linux Client (note new Server Hyperlink

Users should ensure they obtain the new Client which goes with Release
2.1. The Client for the previous release will cease to work quite soon.

The Download Area for all version of the IsoStar Client is available
at the link:

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