CDS email message - CDS/09/02/09a

Sent 09 Feb 2009

Message to CDS Reps about Express Registration

Dear CDS User Representative

There is now an "Express" registration procedure for the Chemical
Database Service.

This procedure is more highly automated that the previous method, and
users will normally be issued with their username and password within
10 mins of completing a simplified online registration form.

Authentication is by email (to register a user normally must have a
valid "" address). There is no need for any form to be printed
off for signing, countersigning and dispatched to us to be processed
at later time.

Please publicise the new system within your department. The old system
will remain an option, but we believe the new method will prove much
more convenient for all concerned.

The new registration form can be accessed via the "Registration"
option on the pulldown menu on most CDS web pages. It can also be
accessed directly via the link:

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