CDS email message - CDS/04/03/09a

Sent 04 Mar 2009

EPSRC agree continued ACD/Labs I-Lab Funding

The current CDS contract negotiated with the EPSRC started 01/04/08
and is for 3 years for most database components. There is also the
possibility of an extension to 4 or possibly 5 years. 

ACD/Labs I-Lab provision, however, was to be reviewed after the first
year, and only funded after that point if it was judged to be of
sufficient value.

We are please to announce that the EPSRC has agreed continued funding
of I-Lab for the full three years.

Details of the I-Lab system and the EPSRC decision are available at:

We encourage CDS users to carry on making full use of the I-lab system
and all CDS components to help ensure their continued availability
beyond 2011.
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