CDS email message - CDS/12/03/09/a

Sent 12 Mar 2009

CrystalWeb data update and improved searching

The latest ICSD update is now available via CrystalWeb and ICSD-WWW.
Also the coordination search facility within CrystalWeb has been

The latest version of the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD
2008/2) has been added to CrystalWeb. There are 4,579 more entries as
compared to Version 2008/1. The total number of ICSD entries is now
108,258. The overall number of searchable entries within CrystalWeb is

We are also pleased to announce that coordination searching has been
restored to the CrystalWeb Formula and Coordination Search Form.
Apologies for the previous problems with this option, which took
longer than expected to resolve. 

Coordination searching is available for all component databases except
the NIST Crystal Data Identification File. We have also taken the
opportunity to remove the maximum coordination limit. This was
previously restricted to a maximum of 8-coordinate systems.

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