CDS email message - CDS/06/05/09/a

Sent 06 May 2009

Statement of Need for a National Chemical Database Service

Statement of Need for a National Chemical Database Service

The EPSRC is currently undertaking a review of its support for 
'Mid Range' Services. As part of this process it has started a 
Community Consultation. The Chemical Database Service(CDS) is one
of the current Mid Range Facilities and the community it serves 
will be directly affected by decisions made by the EPSRC 
following its consultation procedure.

As part of the overall review process, the EPSRC has asked all 
relevant communities to prepare and submit a Statementof Need (SoN).
The intention is that these should come from the communities served
by Mid Range Facilities rather than the organisations currently 
providing these services. 

A 'petition' has been put in place for the benefit of all community
members with an interest in the continued availability of the kind
of facilities that are currently provided by the CDS. It gives an 
opportunity for everyone to lend their support and, if they so wish,
to contribute to the framing of the SoN. It can be found at:-

Please add your name, institution, research area and any other 
comments you have regarding a central Chemical Database Service 
(name, institution and research area will be added to the end of 
the SoN).

If you also feel that any database is needed as "must have" or 
"desirable" then please indicate this in the comments section. 
These might include, for instance, data on commercially available 
compounds, screening compounds and other database system of potential
value to the organic chemistry and more general communities.

EPSRC will use these SoN's to decide on future funding (if at all)
of this and other facilities so it is vital that you make your
feelings known now.

*Note*: None of your details apart from your name will appear on the 
petition's Signatures page (you can even opt to display your 
name as anonymous) 
A donation (to iPetitions) is *not* required. Simply click the 
Sign petition >> button then close the window.

The Statements of Need has to be completed by 12 June 2009 - so please
sign this petition now.