CDS email message - CDS/20/05/09a

Sent 20 May 2009

Your iPetition signature will count

Dear CDS Users

As most of you will now be aware the EPSRC is currently undertaking a
review of its support for 'Mid Range' Services. As part of this
process it has started a Community Consultation. The Chemical Database
Service (CDS) is one of the current Mid Range Facilities and the
community it serves will be directly affected by decisions made by the
EPSRC following its consultation procedure.

As part of the overall review process, the EPSRC has asked all
relevant communities to prepare and submit a Statementof Need (SoN).
The intention is that these should come from the communities served
by Mid Range Facilities rather than the organisations currently
providing these services.

An 'iPetition' has been put in place for the benefit of all community
members with an interest in the continued availability of the kind
of facilities that are currently provided by the CDS. It gives an
opportunity for everyone to lend their support and, if they so wish,
to contribute to the framing of the SoN.

Thanks to all of you who have already contributed towards the CDS
iPetition. We give especial thanks to those who have also taken the
time to include comments.

User comments about current and possible future features of a national
chemical database service are really useful in helping the Sponsors of
the iPetition prepare the SoN. This has to be submitted by the 12th
June. So it it is important that further comments are received as soon
as possible (ideally by the 5th June).

As you will realise it is vital that the community expresses its full
support for a UK national chemical database service to ensure future

Many people have signed so far and contributed comments. Many more
people rely on use of the CDS for key aspects of their research and in
teaching programmes. They may, however, feel uneasy about submitting
comments. Please discuss this with colleagues and encourage them to
sign the petition even without comments.

All categories of users are invited to respond to this call. They
range from undergraduate students to university vice-chancellors. A
high number of signatures will send a definite positive message to the

More details including the list of iPetition Sponsors and a link to the
iPetition itself can be found at: