CDS email message - CDS/12/06/09/a

Sent 12 Jun 2009

CrystalWeb data updates

The May Cambridge Crystallographic Database update is now available via
CrystalWeb (10,821 new entries).

Also there is a new update for the CrystMet system. CrystMet 4.0.1
contains 126,413 entries. This represents an increase of 11,411
entries on the previous release available via the CrystalWeb system.

There are also new entries from the eCrystals Repository.

The updates were orginally mounted on CrystWeb 11/06/09. Initially
there was a problem with bogus results for bibliographic (author) and
coordination searching. The author search problem has now been fixed.
Please rerun your searches if you suspect problems. 

We are in the process of re-importing the coordination search data. In
the meantime please avoid coordination searches within CrystalWeb
(formula searching was not affected).

For further information follow the links:

Apologies for the current slight problems with the system.  Please
access the CDS Homepage for update messages on progress in resolving
the coordination search issues.
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