CDS email message - CDS/25/06/09/a

Sent 25 Jun 2009

ICSD Release 2009/1 now available

ICSD Release 2009/1 is now available via ICSD-WWW and CrystalWeb.
There are an additional 12,536 entries making a total of 120,794 ICSD

We are still in the process of re-importing all the CrystalWeb
coordination search data. In the meantime coordination searches within
CrystalWeb have been disabled. Simple formula searches, however, work

For further information follow the links:

Apologies again for the problems with the CrystalWeb coordination
search facility. Please access the CDS Homepage for update messages on
progress in resolving these issues. We hope to have new procedures in
place shortly which will prevent such problems.
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