CDS email message - CDS/17/07/09/a

Sent 17 Jul 2009

ACD/LABS Server version 12 now available (16/07/09)

ACD/Labs Server Version 12 has been released. Please inform us of any issues and 
problems arising.

Existing V11 ChemSketch clients should work ok, as well as the CDS Ilab web client.

This version contains more entries and so increases the search and predictive 
capabilities of the databases.

 Database contents increased to 200,100 chemical structures with 2,547,046 13C 
chemical shifts

 Database contents increased to 210,700 chemical structures with 1,755,262 1H 
chemical shifts

 Predictions are now based on 9287 chemical structures with 21,782 15N chemical 

 Predictions are now based on over 17,000 chemical structures with 35,349 19F 
chemical shifts

 Predictions are now based on 27,578 chemical structures with 34,020 31P chemical 

This information can also be seen in the last CDS Newsletter 

We will be releasing a patched v12 ChemSketch client for download shortly to 
prevent network errors as seen with raw clients downloaded from the ACD/Labs site. 

See ILab news item of 17/11/08 for further information on client patching.
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