CDS email message - CDS/11/11/09/a

Sent 10 Nov 2009

Server Problem - possible after effects

You are probably aware that there was a recent hardware failure with a
backend server which created problems for both CrystalWeb and Detherm
Client users. Again apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We believe, however, that all hardware problems are now fixed.

You may have experienced CrystalWeb and Detherm problems between the
evening of 5th November and the afternoon of 9th November. Data access
using the Detherm client was completely lost. The CrystalWeb system
allowed query searching but produced null hit sets. If in doubt repeat
your searches!

User registration and password changing where also affected. Passwords
for the Detherm client system were not correctly setup or reset. If
you plan to use the Detherm client we recommend that you change your
password via the link:

This will also correct your Detherm password (you will be allowed to
reset to your current password). In any case, as a matter of security,
we recommend that you reset your CDS password on a regular basis.

We believe the system is now fully recovered, but if you suspect any
problems or have further queries do contact us via
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