CDS email message - CDS/04/02/10/a

Sent 04 Feb 2010

CDS Helpdesk email address, etc

Helpdesk Email Address:

We have changed the email address for the CDS Helpdesk from to This is to conform to a global
policy for all STFC sites. All "" email addresses will cease
to work at some point in the future. The address will
continue to work for a period, but we urge you to update your records
to use the new address.

We are changing the information on the CDS webpages to reflect these
changes. There are, however, no plans to change addresses for the CDS
website and for direct logins to the main CDS server ( 

Server Reboot:

Please note that the a system reboot is planned for 10th February
2010. This is to install system upgrade at 10am. All systems will be
unavailable, but the reboot should only take a few minutes. 

Data Centres Survey:

We also remind you that the 5th February 2010 is the last day to
complete the online RIN/JISC Survey.

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