CDS email message - CDS/17/03/10a

Sent 17 Mar 2010

Three Accelrys Databases now Available

Three specialist databases from Accelrys are now available from CDS. 
They are:

* BioCatalysis - Synthesis using Enzymes and Micro-organisms
* Protecting Groups - Reactions involving selective Protection/Deprotection
* Solid Phase Synthesis - For use in combinatorial synthesis"

Further information (with links to the databases) can be viewed at:

Access is via the Accord Database Explorer (which unfortunately is only 
available for Windows PC users). It can be downloaded by logging in then 
using the Downloads link on the CDS Home page:

You will also need to download and install a cut down version of an 
Oracle client supplied by CDS.

Please pass this message on to others in your department who may not
be registered users but might be interested in using these databases
(such as anyone involved in organic synthesis). 

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