CDS email message - CDS/01/07/10/a

Sent 01 Jul 2010

Major Service Downtime week of 9th Aug

The CDS Oracle server software will be upgraded in the week of 9th - 13th August

CrystalWeb, Detherm (client access) and Accord will suffer severe disruption and 
should be considered to be at risk all week.

CSD, ICSD, ACDLabs, Detherm on the web, SPRESIWeb, Specinfo and available 
chemicals/screening compounds will be unaffected except for any functions that result
in accesses to CrystalWeb.

The day to day schedule that week will be posted on CDS Twitter or RSS feeds.
The upgrade may take less than a week.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause.

We do not plan to sent out further broadcast messages about this
operation, but you can follow the details of our plan of action via
the News Page:

We will also provide links to this information on the CDS homepage:

For the most up to date information follow our Twitter or RSS feed. You can
access this information via the link:

You do not need to register for the Twitter service to access this
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