CDS email message - CDS/16/08/10/a

Sent 16 Aug 2010

Available Chemicals Database has been updated

The In-house Available Chemicals Database has been updated.
New compounds and the latest prices are available for the following catalogues: 
Sigma-Aldrich, Fluorochem, Apollo, Key Organics, Life Chemicals and Maybridge
Building Blocks.
A new catalogue has also been added called Tractus which currently contains 
412 compounds.

Note: Symyx's "Available Chemicals Directory" which contains pricing and 
supplier information for over 1,160,000 unique chemicals, including 3D models, 
from 840 suppliers worldwide can still be accessed via the web interface
'DiscoveryGate'. CDS can set up free access to this (need to contact us) and
access via a client (called Isentris) on your pc will soon be possible.
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