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Sent 29 Sep 2010

ChemSketch Client Problems

The ChemSketch Client provides a very good access route to the
ACD/Labs I-Lab system for spectroscopic and physical properties

In the past users from a number of sites have experienced problems
accessing the CDS ACD/Labs I-Lab server via the ChemSketch Client
mechanism. In most cases this was because local Firewalls blocked this
access mode. Even in those cases access by the I-Lab web browser
system was still possible. For details of both systems see:

We have received recent evidence that these Firewall problems may have
been fixed. If you experienced problems in the past we encourage you
to try the system again.

You can download the Client from the CDS via the link:

Some of you may have already obtained the ChemSketch Client directly
via the ACD/Labs site or have it available via a local installation.
In both these cases you need to make slight system modifications. You
have to replace a current DLL file (dmillib.dll) with one tailored to
access the CDS I-Lab server correctly.

The appropriate DLL file comes pre-installed when you download the
Client from the CDS site. In addition the link gives you the option of
simply downloading and using the replacement DLL file. Do this when
you have already installed a Client from a source other than the CDS.

Please get back to us if you still encounter problems with the
ChemSketch Client.
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