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Sent 04 Oct 2010

ARChem Trial

ARChem - Retrosynthetic Route Designer
CDS are happy to announce that a free 3 month trial of the retrosynthesis tool
'ARChem' is now available.
It searches from a target compound to readily available starting materials 
using reaction rules from reaction databases such as Methods in Organic 
Synthesis and Beilstein.
Further details can be obtained from CDS or by looking at:

Free on-line training session are being made available in OCTOBER for the 
Symyx (ex. ISIS) set of reaction databases and Available Chemicals database 
either via DiscoveryGate or Isentris client.

One hour sessions will be held on WEDNESDAYS and/or THURSDAYS from 2.00pm

If you would like to take part then please contact CDS (via

These sessions are dependent on numbers so please try to attend - and mention
it to colleagues.
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