CDS email message - CDS/13/10/10/a

Sent 13 Oct 2010

Service Unavailability

Network Upgrade

The Service will be subject to a network disruption on Tuesday
19/10/10 from 8am for a period of up to an hour.

This is due to a site upgrade of the Daresbury firewall which will
prevent all offsite network traffic for that period.

We apologise for the unavoidable disruption. 

Machine Room UPS

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) serving the machine room
housing the CDS servers will be reconfigured on Thursday 21st during
the period 10am to 4pm.

This should not be a problem but if there is an issue, the CDS servers
will reboot. We will be monitoring the situation closely on the day.

For up to date information see the CDS homepage

or the CDS Twitter site

In the event of any unexpected prolonged network outage we will still
be able to post messsages via Twitter.
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