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Sent 15 Dec 2010

CrystWorks release and CrystMet update

Introducing CrystalWorks & CrystMet Update

As a CDS user you are probably familiar with CrystalWeb, ICSD-WWW,
ConQuest and related crystallographic database systems. We are
currently working on CrystalWorks, which will enhance and eventually
totally replace CrystalWeb. 

CrystalWorks incorporates CrystalWeb search capabilities, and it
already has new and improved structure display and coordinate output
features. CrystalWorks is now at a stage where it will be very useful
to release it for testing by a wider community.

CrystalWorks is very much in the development state so please provide
us with reports about errors and problems. All comments, suggestions
and general feedback is most welcome (

A draft CrystalWorks webpage is now available. This already includes
some screenshots which give an indication of how the system works.

It is not necessary to have a CDS username to access the CrystalWorks
system. You are presented with a wide selection of entries on
accessing the system, and full display and download functionality is
available for this set. However, you need to login to perform actual
searches and access the full range of database entries. You can login
within CrystalWorks or prior to accessing the system.

To use the system click on Access Data at the left of the top pulldown
menu on any CDS webpage. 

For up to date information on the latest developments see the
CrystalWorks Newsfile.


Please note that CrystalWeb v20.1 will be released tomorrow 15th Dec
at 10am. This features the data from the latest CrystMet 4.5.0 release.

Please avoid using the CrystWeb and CrystalWorks system around the
time of the update. Also note that CrystalWorks can access CrystalWeb
hits sets. However, you will need to repeat such searches after the
data update to ensure you avoid possible hits list corruption
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