CDS email message - CDS/17/12/10/a

Sent 17 Dec 2010

CrystalWorks clarification

Thanks to those who have aready found time to test out the new
CrystalWorks system in response our recent message:

Please also note that the CrystalWorks system is accessible via the link:

We would like to clarify that you can use CrystalWorks to examine Hits
List from a prior CrystalWeb session and also LitLink ConQuest
references which you would normally access via your web browser using
the Litref option.

There is a logon option on CrystalWorks Top Level Menu which you use
prior to accessing your Hits Lists. 

You can run a CrystalWeb search from with CrystalWorks, but please
note that you must use the "Return to Top Level" button at the top of
the page to examine your hits using the CrystalWorks facilities.

The number of hits viewable within CrystalWorks is currently
restricted to a maximum of 8000. Larger sets will be truncated. Also
very large hits sets are likely to be very slow to download.

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