CDS email message - CDS/01/06/11/a

Sent 01 Jun 2011

Data updates for CrystalWeb and improved CrystalWorks

The CSD update which was made available via ConQuest, Vista/Mercury
and QUEST on 11/05/11 is now available through CrystalWeb and

There are an additional 14,826 entries making a total of 562,000 CSD
structures. The total number of structures available via CrystalWeb
and CrystalWorks is 914,741.

There have also been improvement to the search option for
CrystalWorks. It is now possible to view your retrieved hits at the
top level and then modify your search criterion. Previously you could
only check on the number of hits before opting to modify a query. 

For further information follow the links to the News Pages:

CrystalWorks is currently under active developments see the updated
Web page via: