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Sent 31 Aug 2011

Shibboleth restored and other recent CDS News

Institutional (Shibboleth) logins have now been restored. The fixes
for the recent security issue have now been installed. Please note
that the upgraded software has a slightly different look and feel when
logging in.

Let us know of any problems encountered. Apologies for the loss of
this facility since 3rd August

For more information follow the news link:

The Cambridge Structural Database update Aug2011 was made available
to CrystalWeb & CrystalWorks on 22/08/11. This brings the total number
of CSD entries to 577,834 via these interfaces. There is now a grand
total of 935,223 entries from all databases.

For more information follow the news links:

The Cambridge data was received on 17/08/11 and initially made
available via ConQuest, Mercury and QUEST.

There have also been some changes to the ConQuest Author/Dispay page.
The "IUCr" and "CrossRef" buttons have been removed for the CDS
implementation. The "LitLink" button has been retained and continues
to provide the mechanism for connecting to the electronic primary

Please note that you can also use the CrystalWorks web browser
interface to access your selected structures. In addition to accessing
the electronic literature you then have the full range of CrystalWorks
features available. These include Jmol display and coordinate output
in a wide range of formats. There are also links to various Data
Aggregators such as ChemSpider.

For more information follow the news links:

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Service Powerpoint presentation. If you missed our broadcast message
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