CDS email message - CDS/27/09/11/a

Sent 27 Sep 2011

Problems with the Helpdesk email address

We would like to remind users that the correct email address for the
CDS Helpdesk is 

Some of you may have been using the old address (
There is the intention of withdrawing use of the "" domain for
email use.

During a recent system upgrade emails to "" were lost
for a period. We understand that they have now been recovered.
However, please resubmit to if you believe that any
of your recent messages to the Helpdesk may have been lost.

Whilst the email "" has been restored for the present we
strongly advise against its continued use. 

Citing the Service Reminder:

We remind users that they should acknowledge use of the Chemical
Database Service. For details look at the page:

Indeed the third of the seven core principles of "EPSRC Policy
Framework on Research Data" states "... all users of research data
should acknowledge the sources of their data and abide by the terms
and conditions under which they are accessed."

Tip of the day:

Check your registration details via the link:

If you have moved to a new University it is probably easiest to
register afresh via the link:

Contact us to UNSUBSCRIBE your old/current username (see details at
the foot of this message). This way you will avoid receiving duplicate
messages whilst your old email address is still valid. Please remember
to specify which username you wish to be deleted!
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