CDS email message - CDS/05/10/11/a

Sent 05 Oct 11

The CDS Logout Option

New Logout Button and System Changes at 2.00pm today:

Many of you will have noticed a new "CDS Logout" button when you
access the CDS homepage:

You should see it located below the "CDS Login" button. If you do not
have the new button present it may be because your browser has cached
an older version of this page. If that is the case please refresh the

We have added the logout facility to provide better security and
privacy. We believe this may be an issue where computers are
unattended or shared.

Also note that you can Login and Logout via the "Access Data" heading
which is present on most webpages. Here again you may need to refresh
your page to pick up these modification.

We are also making further background changes to the webpages. These
changes will be implemented around 2.00pm today.

Hopefully these changes will cause no problems. However, if you note
any unusual behaviour after the switch it may help if you refresh your
webpage and/or restart your browser. 

If problems persist please contact us at
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